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@@ -8,6 +8,13 @@ Example to use OSVVMs CoveragePkg package to do FSM state coverage. State change
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 in an object of type CovPType. The testbench accesses these state coverage data CoveragePkg procedures. So, the testbench
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 can react to the FSM coverage if necessary. Furthermore the state changes are checked by some PSL assertions.
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+### osvvm_fsm_psl_coverage
+This is the same as the osvvm_fsm_coverage but instead of using cross coverage of previous and current FSM state it's using
+PSL endpoints to cover FSM state changes. There is a PSL endpoint for each state change we want to cover. The endpoints
+are synched in clock domain and used as simple BINs to do FSM state coverage as in the osvvm_fsm_coverage example.
+This example shows the power of evaluating PSL endpoints in VHDL, as you can describe complex behaviour over time a lot
+simpler in PSL than in VHDL.
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 ### psl_endpoint_eval_in_vhdl
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 Example to show a recently feature added to GHDL which allows to evaluate PSL endpoints in VHDL code. It simply defines
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 an PSL endpoint and sets a boolean value dependent on the value of the PSL endpoint.