Examples and design pattern for VHDL verification
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.PHONY: sim compile clean wave
sim \
work/psl_test_endpoint \
work/psl_test_endpoint.ghw: work/psl_test_endpoint.o log
@echo Run test ...
@cd work; ghdl -r --std=08 -fpsl psl_test_endpoint \
--psl-report=../log/psl_test_endpoint.json \
--wave=../log/psl_test_endpoint.ghw \
compile \
work/psl_test_endpoint.o: psl_test_endpoint.vhd work
@echo "Analyse & elaborate test ..."
cd work; ghdl -a --std=08 -fpsl ../psl_test_endpoint.vhd
cd work; ghdl -e --std=08 -fpsl psl_test_endpoint
wave: work/psl_test_endpoint.ghw
@echo Run waveform viewer ...
@gtkwave log/psl_test_endpoint.ghw -S psl_test_endpoint.tcl &
work \
mkdir $@
@echo Remove generated files ...
@rm -rf work log