Trying to verify Verilog/VHDL designs with formal methods and tools
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DUT := fwft_fifo
SRC := ../fifo/fifo.vhd ${DUT}.vhd
.PHONY: cover bmc prove synth all clean
all: cover bmc prove
cover bmc prove: ${DUT}.vhd symbiyosys.sby
sby --yosys "yosys -m ghdl" -f -d work/${DUT}-$@ symbiyosys.sby $@
${DUT}_synth.vhd: ${SRC}
ghdl --synth --std=08 --no-formal -gDepth=16 -gWidth=16 ${SRC} -e ${DUT} > $@
synth: ${DUT}.json
${DUT}.json: ${DUT}_synth.vhd
yosys -m ghdl -p 'ghdl --std=08 --no-formal -gDepth=16 -gWidth=16 ${SRC} -e ${DUT}; synth_ice40 -top ${DUT} -json $@'
rm -rf work ${DUT}.json ${DUT}_synth.vhd