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  T. Meissner eacf18cc49 Use two separate jobs in one GHA workflow instead of 2 separate workflows 3 months ago
  T. Meissner 5cb77eb1a6 Add badge for formal GHA tests 3 months ago
  T. Meissner db4c115a27 Add GHA config for formal checks 3 months ago
  T. Meissner 7ecc52fc03 Remove travis config file; use GHA instead 3 months ago
  T. Meissner 2c9e8e54fe
Merge pull request #2 from eine/master 3 months ago
  eine f0608173d3 ci: add GitHub Actions 'test' workflow 3 months ago
  T. Meissner 9fb10aaf47 Add formal tests to readme 3 months ago
  T. Meissner 83d3e05757 Add bmc mode; integrate simulation PSL checks 3 months ago
  T. Meissner dd3b18ef41 Add formal verification of Wishbone components 3 months ago
  T. Meissner ea5a71fdff Use generics to set vector lenghts instead of unconstrained vectors 9 months ago
  T. Meissner dd494f0901 New Wishbone checks; Fix illegal PSL property 1 year ago
  T. Meissner 7215aed753 Add info about new project location; add info about cloning with --recursive option 1 year ago
  T. Meissner e953cda1d8 Refactoring Wishbone tests & design 2 years ago
  T. Meissner 2ee7c4d131 Replace OSVVM directory by git submodule 2 years ago
  T. Meissner 225e293de3 Add OSVVM license file [ci skip] 2 years ago
  T. Meissner a5733160f8 Move OSVVM dir to libvhdl root dir; switch to (patched) OSSV release 2017.05 2 years ago
  T. Meissner 854dfdf98f Config travis to only build master branch [ci skip] 2 years ago
  T. Meissner cab2370216 StackP is now a package with generics for type & max depth 2 years ago
  T. Meissner 87543b443e Remove VHDL-08 support files & make target for non vhdl08 supporting simulators 2 years ago
  T. Meissner 97cc66ae75 Finally fixed travis config 2 years ago
  T. Meissner 0d32530dc9 export path directly before running make 2 years ago
  T. Meissner 566c7d0a75 Add badge for travis-ci state 2 years ago
  T. Meissner ca45771353 Add support for travis-ci 2 years ago
  T. Meissner 4d5b2d2464 Update to new QueueP interface 2 years ago
  T. Meissner 2a938e28b2 QueueP is now a package with generics for type & max depth 2 years ago
  T. Meissner d3deb31065 Update link & info to GHDL 2 years ago
  T. Meissner 61eb06ee09 DictP is now a package with generics for key & type 2 years ago
  T. Meissner d80908fd7f Merge pull request #1 from cmarqu/patch-1 3 years ago
  Colin Marquardt 71d0a323e2 Typofix 3 years ago
  T. Meissner 910caa39bd Add info about intention of this library 3 years ago
  T. Meissner 2037a591e8 Set AssertP package to deprecated 3 years ago
  T. Meissner 4649f810f0 Change back to LGPL3 license 3 years ago
  T. Meissner 4086876e14 Add assert for WB reset; add coverage of Local write/read 4 years ago
  T. Meissner f8df805820 Add test of WB master local write & read at same time 4 years ago
  T. Meissner 0a7b520990 Remove coverage reports in clean target 4 years ago
  T. Meissner 5a8ff840cb Add export of PSL coverage report 4 years ago
  T. Meissner cf1798b576 Guard test for value with to_ux01() function 4 years ago
  T. Meissner cf64ef1a00 slv versions of or_ and and_ reduce now with looped combinatorals 4 years ago
  T. Meissner 44a4ee94e5 remove unused math_real library depedency 4 years ago
  T. Meissner d6ce7b4ff3 Replace directed Wishbone tests by coverage driven ones 4 years ago
  T. Meissner 83bea18388 Make proc/fnc input parameters constant 4 years ago
  T. Meissner 12ed13b76e Replace setFirst() & setLast() proc by generic setIter() procedure 4 years ago
  T. Meissner 575d85b4f5 Add a stack protected type t_stack in new package StackP 4 years ago
  T. Meissner 1b9d6a14fb Add new procedure to merge 2 dicts 4 years ago
  T. Meissner 4b97da49fb Add new methods to iterate over keys stored in dictionary 4 years ago
  T. Meissner a482c1209a Add info about common/UtilsP package 4 years ago
  T. Meissner 73c00e46af Add UtilsP.o dependency to wishbonet rule 4 years ago
  T. Meissner 652e9b6a2a Add uint_bitsize() function 4 years ago
  T. Meissner 98d6992020 Add various new helper functions 4 years ago
  T. Meissner c1005badfc Add PSL assertions to check initiating of WishBone write/read transfer 4 years ago