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  T. Meissner 5640e7884b Update CBCDES unit and tests 4 months ago
  T. Meissner a2c530928e Add more VHDL-synthesis Makefiles; use src of des instead of local copies; minor refactoring 4 months ago
  T. Meissner 1850e5c1e3 Add Makefiles for VHDL synthesis of DES & TDES 4 months ago
  T. Meissner 2e48c18741 Some Makefile refactoring 4 months ago
  T. Meissner cc268c2efb Fix osvvm path 4 months ago
  T. Meissner c5a7007ac5 Implement key schedule for AES decryption, unoptimized 4 months ago
  T. Meissner 1dc2fd2458 Use co-sim for descryption tests also 4 months ago
  T. Meissner 51d7b485b9 Make PSL compatible with simulation & synthesis 4 months ago
  T. Meissner 0a7ed338d6 Use co-sim with openSSL to check AES enc VHDL implementation 4 months ago
  T. Meissner d16c247b5c Add OSVVM as submodule 4 months ago
  T. Meissner 491b4df54f Move PSL stuff in generate block; add formal PSL code 4 months ago
  T. Meissner 303bda25e4 Add CTR-AES VHDL design 4 months ago
  T. Meissner dce8396498 Refactoring; remove unused functions 4 months ago
  T. Meissner 50aaca8c6c Fix PSL cover directives 4 months ago
  T. Meissner b7b9f36c9b Add CBCMAC-AES VHDL design 4 months ago
  T. Meissner 28b2cd3856 Implement key schedule for encryption, finally 4 months ago
  T. Meissner b59791e8f3 Move VHDL library files in work directory 1 year ago
  T. Meissner 77f87536c9 FSM optimizations; PSL enhancements 1 year ago
  T. Meissner c400d2ef1b Add PSL checkers, refactoring 1 year ago
  T. Meissner 735c411ff8 First working version of AES enc & dec 1 year ago
  T. Meissner d8ca919f37 Fixed many incorrect implemented functions 1 year ago
  T. Meissner 42a5eb9b1b Minor refactoring & bugfixing 1 year ago
  T. Meissner 27e06dff2c Fix gmul() & (inv)mixcolums() functions 1 year ago
  T. Meissner 517237cfec Created Readme.md file 4 years ago
  T. Meissner 2f91130184 Add remaining AES functions 5 years ago
  T. Meissner 46f1b9295b merge last changes from amc mini repo 5 years ago
  T. Meissner 8a9b30940e integrate s1-s8() into one s() function with additional parameter s_table; convert lower to upper case 5 years ago
  T. Meissner 313a08b6f3 add verilog simulation environment for cbcmac-des 5 years ago
  T. Meissner 4dd3f74d15 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/tmeissner/cryptocores 5 years ago
  T. Meissner 918483068b add ITER define; add accept ports to des instance 5 years ago
  T. Meissner 8f575798ea add .PHONY to clean target 5 years ago
  T. Meissner 3531c69ce1 add support for ITER & PIPE variations of DES verilog implementation 5 years ago
  T. Meissner 9454ed15cd removed assignments of c & d in r & l process reset state 5 years ago
  T. Meissner 6dd9c4ad6c removed wrong assignments of r in the c & d process 5 years ago
  T. Meissner cb14f089b9 add acceptin & acceptout ports 5 years ago
  T. Meissner b9efb85f01 add second iterative implementation; selection between the two implementations by #ifdef's 5 years ago
  T. Meissner a65d41bf93 add verilog version of CBCMAC with DES algorithm 5 years ago
  T. Meissner 67df839c95 add implementation & testbench of CBCMAC with DES algorithm 5 years ago
  T. Meissner 393757693e add removing of testbench binary to clean target 5 years ago
  T. Meissner 82ae83f1dc adapted to ITER & PIPE configuration, supports now both settings 5 years ago
  T. Meissner af8fe6023d add accept signals to waveform view 5 years ago
  T. Meissner cfd20a9bbc add removing of object files to clean target 5 years ago
  T. Meissner 5ded08aa7b added GPLv2 license file 5 years ago
  T. Meissner 80443e531d internal mode is now a latched copy of mode_i (ITER) 6 years ago
  T. Meissner 034386b0ce removed forgotten data_o drivers from process 6 years ago
  T. Meissner 1e53c62084 data_o is generated in parallel to sync process now 6 years ago
  T. Meissner 5ebdae8b61 add iterative implementation; config via generic 'design_type' 6 years ago
  T. Meissner 1d061d5dc5 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/tmeissner/cryptocores 6 years ago
  T. Meissner 579eab1bf0 removed internal synced copy of reset_i; set ready to high in reset 6 years ago
  T. Meissner 1d858ce952 added removing of tb_tdes binary and *.o files in clean target 6 years ago